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Beeston Castle

Beeston Castle is 11 miles from Chester. Its site, high up on a rock, provides excellent views in all directions across the Cheshire plain. The Castle is close to many other historic Roman and Medieval sites and well worth a visit.

The castle was built, on a site that had been fortified since the Bronze Age, by Ranulf in 1225. Henry III took the castle in 1237. He and his son, Edward I, used Beeston as a base for operations against Wales

A wide ditch surrounds the site. A curtain wall partly encases the outer bailey. There are open backed towers, a square garderobe tower and the remains of a huge gatehouse with two towers and three storeys.

These images lead to larger ones stored on the Etrusia website.

Beeston Castle - Main Approach
Beeston Castle - Side Wall
Beeston Castle - Tower and forward view