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Portchester Castle

A Norman castle built in the northeast corner of a large Roman fort. The third century Roman walls are the most complete in Northern Europe. The site had strategic importance for both the Roman occupiers and the Norman kings, being next to a natural harbour, on the Channel. Until Portsmouth was developed, several kings used it as the base for cross-Channel incursions

The castle was built by William Maudit from 1086. A four storey keep was constructed during the next century

Portchester was used as a prison, hospital and barracks until the early 19th century.

You can visit grounds and the amazing Roman walls without paying to go in the castle. However, the castle is well worth the payment. You can climb to the top of the keep - a somewhat scary procedure - and have fantastic views of the Roman walls as well as the harbour and the sea.

Portchester - Main Tower
Portchester - Moat around Medieval Norman Keep - Inside Castle
Portchester - Roman Wall and Gatehouse

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